Panel 1: (Desmond, Cedric, and Helen are in a department store. Cedric and Helen both are smiling and pointing upwards at something. Desmond is turning his head to look at and grab his smartphone, which is vibrating in his pocket with a BZZT! sound)

Panel 2: (Helen and Cedric are walking away; Desmond has turned around and is looking at a message on his smartphone, smiling)
Phone message: “Hey buddy! Wanna meet for some coffee?”

Panel 3: (Desmond is texting on his smartphone with TEXT TEXT SEND! sounds. Behind him, there is an escalator with Cedric and Helen riding up on it; Cedric has turned his head around and is pointing at Desmond, and Helen is waving her arm frantically, trying to get his attention)

Panel 4: (Desmond is turning his head around in both directions, looking around. He looks confused)
Desmond is thinking: “? ?”

Panel 5: (Desmond is turning his head to look at his smartphone in his hand, which is vibrating with a BZZT! sound)

Panel 6: (Desmond is looking at his phone curiously. There is a message on it)
Phone message: “Honey… look up behind you”

Panel 7: (Desmond is turning his head around, looking upwards to see Cedric and Helen standing on the second floor near the escalator. Cedric is waving hello, and Helen is holding her smartphone. They all are smiling)