Panel 1: The Benefits of being profoundly Deaf

Panel 2: (Desmond is sitting in an audience, recording the people on the stage with his phone, smiling. There is a sign that says STUDENT AWARD CEREMONY. Four other adults are in the audience with him; they look uncomfortable, hair ruffled, frowning with their eyes closed. One of them is covering her ears. On the stage, there is a boy, a girl, and Cedric standing behind a female interpreter and a female speaker. The children are holding certificates in their hands, but they look surprised and uncomfortable, hair blown back, frowning, and clenching their teeth. The interpreter is shuddering, looking uncomfortable, and clenching her teeth, signing interpreter. The speaker looks shocked with eyes wide open, holding a microphone up to her open mouth. There is a very loud noise coming from the microphone: FFEEEEDBACCCCK!)