Panel 1: (Desmond is sitting at a table, eating waffles. He is cutting the pancakes with a butter knife and making a SCRAPE sound)

Panel 2: (Desmond looks happy with his eyes closed, eating and enjoying the waffles, making a MMM! sound. He is cutting the pancakes with the knife, even more, making SCRAPE SCRAPE sounds)

Panel 3: (Desmond is still scraping the knife on the plate, making a SCCCRRAAAAAPE! sound, eating from a spoon with SMACK! SMACK! sounds. He looks like he’s enjoying himself, with his eyes closed, smiling)

Panel 4: (Desmond is smiling and signing wow-waffles-champ to Helen, who looks uncomfortable, smiling, with ruffled hair, signing hear. There is another table with an uncomfortable man, hair ruffled, moving his finger in his ear, frowning, and clenching his teeth. Nearby, there is an uncomfortable waitress, frowning, hair ruffled, pouring coffee into a mug)
Helen: “I CAN TELL!”